May 27th, 2007


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I feel as though I've been in a really foggy place. Like I've half-woken from a nap, and the world has become this mirrored funhouse version of itself.

I decided to get out of the house, for once. See, I've sort of been keeping to myself. Words don't come easily when it feels like there's not much to say, except the same ol', same ol'. I mean, who cares about my boring urban life? Too many hours spent waiting for the bus, too many predictable rough edges to every interaction. I am not a ray of freaking sunshine. Trust me on this.

Anyway, I got out. I breathed the cool air in deep, and I felt it hammer my chest like first-date jitters.

Took the 56 to Armitage, then walked to the former Roby street.

From there it was a simple stroll to the train stop at North Avenue.

Took the train all the way to Clark and Lake, where I walked up to the surface and then over to the park to see the ice skaters.

I found $20 on the ground, and no one was nearby, so I hailed a precious cab, since it was already sleeting, and rode home quickly and in comfort. Back in the day, that same cab ride would've cost half as much, and still been a bit of a spendy thing to do.

I felt guilty and giddy and devil-may-care.

About a cab.